This is the story of a dream and a project. This is the story of a promise. This is the story of a lightness and elegance able to go beyond time and space. Being always there. This is the story of a Butterfly. This is The Begin's soul.


There is a centre. Around which everything revolves. From which everything starts. The Customer. The Begin Hotels unravels from this precious silk thread. A thread that GGF Group has always woven, a firm belief that has become stronger and stronger over the years. A savoir faire that brings together design, management, and analysis skills to help each brand to build a trusting relationship with its customers. Creating Experiences. Authentic, solid, personalized. Customer Experience. This is the GGF Group’s philosophy. For over 20 years, it has been at the service of the major Italian and international tour operators. Every worthy path always opens up new avenues: GGF Group specialises in the world of hotellerie with tailor-made start-up and rebranding projects for over 30 structures in Italy, including the only two 5-star hotels in the Marche region, as well as the management of the Lindbergh Hotels chain. This is how Hospitality becomes a passion, a new journey to enjoy where, instead of satisfying customers, we pamper our guests.