Walking from SeePort Hotel you can explore the Doric city. The area where Ancona stands was chosen by ancient peoples for its protected harbour. Ankòn means "elbow" in Greek: Ancona was a natural inlet with ideal characteristics for the development of a seaport. In ancient times Ancona was the subject of important cultural exchanges and sea trade with the Piceni, Etruscans and Greeks. With the Romans it became the gateway to the East, from which Emperor Trajan set out to conquer Dacia, and several centuries later, in the early Middle Ages, it became a Maritime Republic. This makes Ancona a cultural centre of great interest, with a history waiting to be discovered. Must-see the Old Town tour, starting from the Trajan Arch and proceeding to Santa Maria della Piazza, Loggia dei Mercanti, Piazza del Plebiscito, the church of San Francesco alle Scale and Palazzo degli Anziani, until you reach Guasco Hill: here stood the temple of Venus Euplea, placed to protect sailors. Today, built on top of those foundations, you can admire the city's Basilica, San Ciriaco. A city with a thousand’s facets, all worth discovering.


Riviera del Conero

A natural gem set in the heart of Monte Conero, where the green vegetation kisses the clear blue water. The Portonovo bay is a unique magic: a corner of Mediterranean paradise just a stone's throw from the city, with snow-white beaches, crystal-clear waters, the bright red of the strawberry trees and the refreshing green of the shrubs. An explosion of colours in a timeless atmosphere. A harmony where everyone can feel at home. The sensation of being in a space beyond Time, touching the most intimate side of things to be in perfect harmony with Nature. A place to lose and rediscover yourself, to savour the view and refresh the soul. Where everything has the Scent of Beauty.



Over 250 km of coastline, both flat and sandy on one side and high and jagged on the other. The entire Lecce province, with a myriad of villages and small towns, made up of white houses and tiny streets as characteristic as the local craftsmanship and surrounded by the green of secular olive trees and vineyards bordered by typical dry-stone walls. Then, a large part of the provinces of Taranto and Brindisi (from Ostuni downwards) with many towns rich in tradition and culture and similarly fascinating landscapes in the Puglia region. The ancient Terra d'Otranto, populated in antiquity by the Messapi, is known as the Salento peninsula and the heel of Italy because of its elongated shape, which defines the tip of the boot. Santa Maria di Leuca is its furthest extremity, and particularly “Punta Ristola", according to legend, separates the Adriatic from the Ionian Sea. The easternmost point in Italy, where the sun first rises every day, also belongs to the Salento: Punta Palascìa near Otranto, an enchanting town on the Adriatic known as the Gateway to the East. Sun, sea, and a pleasant breeze during the summer season, though hot and often torrid, which transcends calendar boundaries and lasts at least from May to mid-October.

Friuli Venezia Giulia


Trieste, also known as a Mittel European city, is a city that embraces you in its fusion of cultures: Latin, Slavic and German. Trieste is a city that offers you experiences: from walks along the Canal Grande to the historic city center overlooking the sea. Trieste is a city of meetings: between James Joyce, Italo Svevo and Umberto Saba. Trieste, always lively but cultured and refined, is a city that aligns with every new trend and knows how to welcome every traveller.

Emilia Romagna


Ferrara. Una Città piena di delizie, alcune addirittura patrimonio Unesco. Una Città rinascimentale, dai mille diamanti e addirittura qualche unicorno. La sua essenza: raffinata e non urlata, ma non per questo meno schietta. Green, come la biga, ovvero, la bicicletta che qui non solo è essenziale, ma è un vero e proprio stile di vita: lento, ma sempre in movimento. Come la storia che da qui è passata e sembra essersi estraniata dal tempo. Dagli Estensi a Lucrezia Borgia, da Ariosto a Giorgio De Chirico.