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A taste Experience

Microcosms. Perfectly fitting every world to discover. They complete it, enhance it, tease it.
They draw from the context in which they are embedded endless lifeblood, cues, analogies, contrasts and even sensations.
Their flavours tell a story, combining tradition and experimentation, simplicity, and refinement.
The Begin Hotels restaurants are sensual: they bewitch, they involve you in a sophisticated game, they take you on a journey.
For all-encompassing experiences.

Ginevra Restaurant


The return to the essence. The exaltation of matter. Local, to maintain a strong bond with the territory, to always remember our roots. Because everything starts from the roots. From there we move on to discover the novelty, to enhance the tastes of tradition through a refined experimentation, never shown off, but always there. Because Ginevra knows how to accompany. Ginevra knows how to seduce. Ginevra is gourmet. Territorial gourmet.

SeePort Bistrò


Comfortable leather sofas. A lounge background. An open-style kitchen. Simplicity creates atmosphere. Vibrant, almost eclectic. Changing mood according to the occasion. Because the SeePort Bistrò is and is intended to be an open space, an inclusive environment. A dynamic, refined but informal environment, where you can spend an evening among whimsical cocktails, local and international excellences, wisely and elegantly combined. Almost pop. This is contemporary charm. This is our Easy & Chic proposal.

Ristorante La Fonte


A tribute to the local heritage: to its flavours and fragrances. Surrounded by the greenery of Portonovo, suspended in time, La Fonte Restaurant starts from the Bay's history with its farmers who became fishermen and reproduces it with great authenticity. Recipes that tell of a past that could not be more alive.

Amaranta Restaurant


A woman's name. Intense. Just as the earth's colours. Refined. Just as its proposals. Amaranta: meaning not withering. Just as the pine garden where it is immersed. Just as the sensations it brings to life. The flavours, rather than exploding suddenly, grow over time. They know how to last. They know how to travel. Sophisticated dishes, delicately flavoured, unusual balances that juxtapose and merge with time. Each one with its unique identity. Nevertheless, united. Because here the local territory is in constant dialogue with the elsewhere.
perenne dialogo con l’altrove.



A place that invites you to taste dishes carefully prepared, informal but refined, where authentic flavors, like the contemporary design, blend with the wooden tables and the wrought iron of the finishing touches.
Suffused lights and background music aim to distract you from the daily frenzy and give you a relaxing break, that is so for all senses.
Eclectic in the environments and menu, Modernino is the ideal place to have brunch, a working lunch, an aperitif at the end of the day or a romantic dinner.